Free Iconfonts to use in your projects

Hi guys!

I have been busy these days, I moved to another company and that consumes all my time. But I could manage to bring this to you.

Recently I’ve been interested in Icon design, I’m not sure if you already know about my Iconfont, Layn that I really enjoy creating it.

So, because of this, I’ve been reading and making a lot of research to have inspiration, since the layout to the implementation, and I found a vast list of resources available for free. I would like to try all of them across my projects hehe.

So let’s start defining Iconfont. An Iconfotn is precisely that, a typography file that contains pictograms. The main advantage is the possibility of using the icons in the same way that we do with regular text, wining a lot of advantages with that.

Some years ago, I had the fortune to read a very illustrative book about iconography. “Rockstar Icon designer” from Rockeable press. What called my attention was that by that time this format was not taken into consideration for the long format list (and popular ones in 2008 I guess).

In those years, there was a lot of styles and different formats, I think because Flat UI design was not a big thing yet and there was a lot of Skeuomorphism efforts too.

Anyway, today in plenty 2019, it’s very common to find libraries like font-awesome that let us import hundreds of symbols without the big problems of importing file by file.


👍Hundreds of icons ready to be used

👍Easy to style and animate

👍Easy to scale without resolution loss

👍A solution for importing each image that consumes data


👎Mainly the size, a lot of Iconfonts are designed for specified sizes and sometimes

👎They can’t be multicolor

👎There is a risk related to browser support.

👎Some browsers can alter the appearance of the icons because they are fonts.

Now, once said this, let’s check this great list of resources.

Font awesome

Probably one of the most famous Iconfonts in the market. The baseline kit is vast and they also have a PRO version, of course with more benefits.

Maki Icon

I discovered this font while I was researching for my Iconfont project. especially for maps and navigation apps.

Material Icons

Whit the popularity of material design and other design systems, google put in our hands’ hundreds of pictograms ready to use and with the awesome support from google. Brilliant!

Line awesome

a very fun experiment that translates font awesome suite into an outline version. Great to explore other concepts.

Themify Icons

One of the most popular web themes offers this tool for developers and designer with more than 300 IOS7 inspired Icons.


Wordpress admin icons ready to download and use!. Normally focus on dashboards and admin panels.


A lovely Iconset created by GIT ❤️


generic and great looking for your apps and sites.

Stroke 7

Inspired in IOS7, ready to be the complement of any project


One of the bigger collections of icons in the network. And yep, It’s for free.

And well that’s all for today. Here you have the link to my Icon project and also is free!


Any comment’s welcome!💜



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