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Hey, how are you?!
Well, It’s a pleasure for me to have you here reading these lines. World Pandemic has had changed our lives, and we had the opportunity to see everything through new perspectives. I think this situation has challenged many of us to move and get outside our comfort zone. It’s a difficult time, and I hope and pray that everyone finds safety, after all this concludes.

Said that I tried to keep myself focus on making things work the best I could, working, on other side projects, reading, and retaking unfinished ideas. This time I want to…

This is for you!

Hi folks!

As I mentioned before in previous entries, I’m a designer that came from a computing science formation. By the time I was in college, I invested a lot of my free time in learning design theory as much I could, reading some Design books(Don’t make me think, color theory, and more…), articles, and design tutorials. I don’t know you but I think I’m the type of student that learns by watching examples rather than reading much or watching long videos. And that’s how I ended up on Behance. …

I remember how I was introduced to the term User Experience for the first time (summer of 2012 I guess…). One of my teachers at school invited us to listen to a talk on a very specific topic: User interface design principles.

I was a student of Computing Science and to be honest we were really bad at design. By that time I was interested in website design and generally trying to follow guidelines from tutorials and some “good design practices”.

But during this learning journey, what caught most of my attention was this thing: We are not our users…

I dreamed the day that I could use the Angry Birds Font :B

I was the other day trying to open a can with my mind power when I remembered that I need to post an article about landing pages.

Let’s start from the beginning. You have not arrived here by accident, you google it (well probably not n_n’ I sent you the link).

So… why Puzzles? Puzzles are cool, they can improve the way we look and think about things. They open a vast world of possibilities and hours of entertainment. So why we don’t think about solving puzzles when we are building a digital product? Let’s apply this modular concept in…

As an exercise of self retrospective, I decided to write and tell you about some of my (not that fortunate) experiences at work and part of the plan and recommendations that many people (colleagues, leads, and people that I appreciate) have made to me. It’s been a long time of learning and self retrospective and I would say that this is something that I’m still working on.

But before the start, let me tell you about me. I have been in this world of business almost by 5 years. I started as a freelancer with a lot of ideas and…

Some years ago, I was working on a project where I was asked to design a dashboard-style app. The team discovered that there was a lot of data to work with and our users need to deal with a lot of data every day. The big challenge was to determine the type of chart to use to solve these needs, and we went to search for a lot of examples on Dribbble (deeehhhhh). As you can imagine, there were a lot of great and not that cool ways to solve the visual requirements. …

Hi guys!

I have been busy these days, I moved to another company and that consumes all my time. But I could manage to bring this to you.

Recently I’ve been interested in Icon design, I’m not sure if you already know about my Iconfont, Layn that I really enjoy creating it.

So, because of this, I’ve been reading and making a lot of research to have inspiration, since the layout to the implementation, and I found a vast list of resources available for free. I would like to try all of them across my projects hehe.

So let’s start…

A few months ago, participated in the first CEMEX hackathon Open Platform event in México.

The truth is that it was the first time that I attended an event like that. And definitely was an awesome experience: full of fun, joy, and challenges we faced with other teams. I want to take this chance to tell you how I survived my first hackathon and the big opportunity to put into practice my skills as a designer.

What is a hackathon?

“A hackathon is usually a day long (can be 36 hours, 48 hours, etc.) coding competition were software programmers, developers…


When I started in my first Ui / UX position, I had many troubles at the moment of organizing my personal projects, and sometimes It was really difficult for me to follow and explore concepts. I really felt a terrible designer and I tried different ways to make my work more efficient because that was one of my short term goals. I have been working on agile teams, and be fast it’s a very important part of the whole process. Especially in the earliest phases of the projects.

Thankfully, tools like SketchApp provide really valuable stuff to achieve this and…

A personal opinion / reflection

Hi everyone, this is something that starter to come around my mind. You know guys that there is a big dilemma about how non designer people understand ux, and the big effort and hands behind an end product. I’m pretty sure how disrespected we feel when someone reduces our work only to “Pretty visual things”.

And also as designers, or managers or design-related workers, we should spread the word of ux all around. …

David Gomez

UX professional, looking for creative and inspirational work

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